Amy Potthast | Instructional Coach & Designer | Learning Design Studios

Writing and Editing for Print

Print projects I’ve written or edited include independent projects, arts-related freelance newspaper writing, projects The Stories of Our Lives is a collection of student writings from the St. Julie Asian Center in Lowell, MA. The adult students are all Southeast Asian refugees or immigrants.I’ve initiated for various jobs (literary anthologies, autobiography projects, newsletters), and guest-pieces I’ve written for other organizations.

I’m showcasing only four projects here:

  • Service Corps to Social Impact Career — in 2009, I authored a book to help service corps participants transition to jobs when their term ends.
  • Blogging for the Third Goal — an article I wrote for Peace Corps’s Hotline newsletter about how Returned Peace Corps Volunteers can blog about their host countries as a way to educate people in the United States.
  • Living the VISTA Life from A to Z by Amy Potthast, Jurys Choice Selection 2005 (PDF) — a creative nonfiction essay I submitted to the 2005 Northwest National Service Symposium. The essay was lucky to be designated one of ten Jury’s Choice selections and was published in that year’s symposium anthology.
  • St. Julie Asian Center Autobiography Project The Stories of Our Lives (PDF)— a writing anthology I initiated and spearheaded during a year teaching English and Citizenship to refugees and immigrants from Southeast Asia in Lowell, MA. In the collection of writings,  my students tell stories of hopes, dreams, and memories. The cover illustration is by a student, and I used Pagemaker for layout.

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