Amy Potthast | Instructional Coach & Designer | Learning Design Studios

Instructional Leader

As an instructional leader, I apply contemporary theories of adult learning and development to determine appropriate ways to respond to the needs of adult learners.


Graduate Coursework

Adult Learning and Development (4 credits)

Introduces participants to key theories, orientations, models, and principles of learning and development in adulthood. In exploring the physiological, sociological, and psychological processes that affect the way adults learn and respond to life, participants will examine how contemporary theories, models, and approaches have evolved from and been influenced by traditional learning and development theories.  From these theoretical frameworks, participants will develop a personal philosophy of adult education that will guide their practice.

Instructional Strategies (4 credits)

Exploration of and practice using instructional strategies to enhance adult learning. Acquisition of an instructional strategy tool kit as well as a method for evaluating adult learning events. In this course you will explore the complex nature of the learning interaction between the educator and the learner as well as the effect of context and content on the learning process. You will learn and practice instructional strategies that enhance the learning experience and increase the level of involvement and retention of adult learners. You will also acquire a “tool kit” of instructional strategies and learn how to evaluate an adult learning event.


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