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Workshop pilots – good for learners, good for educators

Next Thursday, Aug. 23, I’ll be piloting a new workshop called What’s Your Story that I designed for a San Francisco-based career services company.

Thanks to Sustainable Sanitation's Flickr stream

Thanks to Sustainable Sanitation’s Flickr stream

I’ve invited job seekers and adult educators in my networks to participate, and in two days we’ve almost filled all 15 workshop seats.

Why pilot a workshop?

Though piloting may be a luxury in terms of money and time, it is incredibly helpful when it’s possible to do it!

Both educators and learners benefit from pilot workshops —

  • Instructional developers test out a new lesson plan, assessing timing and flow, and evaluating holes in content and practice — and then revise the workshop’s design and materials before distributing it!
  • Pilot facilitators get to hear feedback from a friendly audience who have volunteered to give feedback.
  • Pilot participants get to learn for free, network, and hopefully have some fun — plus a chance to influence the final version of the workshop!
  • Future facilitators get to deliver tried and true materials, even when they’re relatively new.
  • Future participants (ideally) experience stronger learning outcomes as a result of workshop revisions!

Finally, just like a comic who tries out new comedic material on audiences in smaller markets, educators who beta testing their instructional materials can risk learning in public (more…)