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Subject Matter Experts teach, train + present better as a result of working with me

Greetings! I’m Amy Potthast — instructional coach, training program designer, and podcaster.

Amy Potthast and VISTA trainees, Oxbow Park

Amy Potthast

I work with social justice, nonprofit, and philanthropy professionals to:

  • establish workshop or course goals,
  • plan meaningful and novel activities that support evidence-based learning theories,
  • review & evaluate or design teaching materials,
  • set up pilot workshops to test new materials, and
  • give actionable feedback on rehearsal.

Additionally, I design custom training programs on a range of issues by working in tandem with subject matter experts and the client organizations which sponsor the projects.

This is my portfolio, a work in progress. Feel free to poke around. And contact me by emailing amy.potthast [at]