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Questions for cohort survey

Thanks for Twodolla from Flickr Creative Commons

Thanks to Twodolla from Flickr Creative Commons

In attempting to answer my questions for the constructivist  assignment, I’m going to survey my classmates about their experiences with the assignment.

  • How would you rate the constructivist assignment (check all that apply)
    • Loved it/had fun with it
    • Tough getting started but I found my stride
    • Struggled with the assignment consistently
    • Did not see the point of it
  • For you, how would you compare your experience in the constructivist assignment, compared to the objectivist assignments we’re more used to? The constructivist assignment was….
    • Easier
    • More fun
    • More interesting/engaging
    • Resulted in more learning
    • Same
    • Harder
    • Less fun
    • Less interesting/engaging
    • Resulted in less learning
  • What challenged you about the constructivist assignment?
  • Were you able to write the learning contract before starting work on the contract?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure
  • What helped you or would have helped you?
  • For you and your development, what were pros of the constructivist assignment?
  • What were the cons?
  • Are you satisfied with the results so far of the project? Did you learn what you set out to learn?
  • In many ways our internships are also constructivist assignments. How would you rate your internship(s)? Check all that apply.
    • Loved it/had fun with it/them
    • Interesting experience
    • Tough getting started (the work, or finding an internship) but I found my stride
    • Struggled with the internship consistently
  • What has challenged you regarding your internship(s)?
  • What has helped you make decisions regarding your internships, or would have helped?
  • How long have you been working in the field of adult education?
  • What’s your GPA so far?
    • 3.5-4.0 (A+)
    • 3.0-3.4 (A)
    • 2.5-2.9 (B+)
    • 2.0-2.4 (B)
    • 1.5-1.9 (C+)
    • 1.0-1.4 (C)
    • Less than 1.0