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5 ways to learn online — for free


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Having just finished grad school, I am in the habit of studying at the feet of masters, and learning amazing new things. So I am thrilled to discover a surge in new elearning platforms whose aims are to expose me to new knowledge.

Coursera: is a platform offering over 100 courses from major universities on a wide range of topics. With Coursera, you register on the site, then you can sign up for any courses — most of which look to be five to eight weeks long, and are scheduled through mid-2013.

For example, I signed up for a stats course that’s to begin in September.

What’s refreshingly unique about Coursera is that you actually get readings and homework — in addition to watching lectures by your professor.

Some courses even send you a certificate of completion at the end.

iTunes U:

Many universities have uploaded audio and video recordings of course lectures on a huge (more…)