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Thoughts on the learning contract

How do I even draft objectives if I don’t know for sure that there is an answer to my question?

Draft objectives:*
Describe* characteristics of students who respond well to constructivist ISD
List a few specific strategies that instructors use to assist students who struggle in a constructivist framework
Describe* learning environments conducive to constructivist ISD

* I don’t like these as verbs here but I’m just not sure yet how to become more specific.

Which resources will you use?

1. Duffy and Jonassen book on instructional technology – describes constructivist implications/applications in ISD. I ordered this from the library; not sure it will contain evidence yet of a successful implementation and characteristics of students. From the book review I read, it sounds like this book was published as a first treatise on the idea of constructivist ISD. Hope it will provide me a better look at what constructivist ISD looks like so that I will know it when I see it.
2. More research needed — tentatively, journal articles
3. SMEs
4. Other?

Learning strategies

Evidence of my learning

1. Journal reflecting on the research and discovery process including resources and what I’m learning from them (ahem, this journal)

2. A paper? I hate to give myself another paper to write. What might be nice is a paper, annotated with comments or footnotes revealing what I am really thinking. That is to say, sometimes when you write papers for school, you’re just doing the best you can with what research you’ve been able to find on your topic in the timeframe that the paper is due. It would be more revealing to write a neurotically self-conscious paper where in notes I’m being utterly transparent about my further questions, my doubts, my frustrations with what I am writing.

Or I could create a graphic organizer summarizing my findings since I am synthesizing my findings … Or hope to … Here.