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Reflection on a learning event

A couple weeks ago I attending a nonprofit marketing training from the Nonprofit Association of Oregon. Today I submitted a critique of the event for my Adult Learning Strategies course.

The experience of being in a workshop as a learner and observer — observing the instructor — was interesting, but reflecting on the workshop for the paper was the best.

The purpose of the paper was to evaluate an adult learning event using criteria such as: instructional strategies with attention to the adult learning framework; perceptual-senses learning styles; cognitive, affective, and behavioral learning goals; Kolb’s learning styles; use of multiple instructional strategies; as well as effective practices such as attending to participants’s emotional and physical needs at all stages of the event.

The paper outlined a brief description of the event’s context, timing, purpose, content, and design; an overview of the instructor’s strategies; an assessment of learner involvement and participation, instructor’s style, learner-instructor rapport, appropriateness of instructional strategies given the content and audience; and suggestions for next time.

The process of staring hard at each component of the workshop has helped me solidify my grasp of all the reading I’ve done this term, and I think will contribute to my instructional design moving forward. I’ll upload the paper within the Teaching + Training section of this portfolio (it will be password protected).