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Net Impact’s Corporate Careers that Make a Difference

Can you make the world more sustainable by working for a corporation?

According to Net Impact and its free, downloadable career guide Corporate Careers that Make a Difference, you can.

Everyday, business leaders make a positive environmental and social impact in their companies — both in dedicated green jobs, as well as in more conventional job functions.

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On this episode of the Idealist Careers Podcast, I chatted with Abby Davisson from Net Impact, a national nonprofit dedicated to engaging business in making the world sustainable, and Yonnie Leung, Principal of Environmental Sustainability for Shared Services at  Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California — and who is profiled in the Net Impact career guide.

During the conversation, we also briefly mention Net Impact’s Business as UNusual Guide to MBA programs that have a focus on corporate citizenship. The 2011 Guide launches this week and is available at

Finally, for a look at a range of businesses working for the public good, please check out Chinook Book.


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