Amy Potthast | Instructional Coach & Designer | Learning Design Studios

Tonight I drafted Section One of the Constructivist Paper. That it is a draft is a wee bit confusing to me, because I am not clear how complete it needs to appear. Do I need to include all my references to date formatted in APA? Wouldn’t I rather keep researching rather than pause a moment to write up my findings to date? (Yes!)

I feel that I can say more about what I did not learn and how I will not be using my findings, than how I will use the learning. I did not learn whether I enjoy constructivism as an instructor; I didn’t facilitate students through a learning contract.

Also, to answer the question about what I had learned from each resource, I used a table to organize the information. On the one hand, that is a graphic organizer in and of itself, though it goes on for too many pages! But also, do I need more of a narrative introduction to the table? And currently the table is organized chronologically by when I encountered the resource, rather than by alphabetical order of the source.


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