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Tonight I interviewed Gail and Randee who are program staff for two different grad programs at TESC. Below is what I learned.Who succeeds with constructivist ISD?

  • People who are self-directed, and are goal-oriented related to their own learning.
  • People succeed who are not content to be receptacles of knowledge.
  • Students who choose the constructivist approach succeed (up to 12 credits can be earned through learning contracts, but contracts are totally optional)
  • People who want to learn something outside the school’s offerings succeed because they are driven to independent projects
  • People who plug into objectivist work (i.e. outside study programs or courses) as part of their learning contract

Who struggles?

  • People who are coming straight from undergrad (their programs are grad programs); people whose faculty advisers are not responsive to them (thesis). To succeed in creating a learning contract students must already know a lot

What strategies help?

  • Students work on independent projects and who meet weekly in a class setting with other students, to discuss their progress on projects together, to share strategies, and to learn from each other.
  • Faculty respond to students in a timely manner to keep them moving forward
  • Faculty offer frank, honest, constructive feedback to students on their work to help them improve

Also I emailed instructor an instructor at a constructivist college who works with undergrads with my research questions.

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