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I have been thinking I don’t really want to write a paper for the assignment I am designing — partly because I have to write a paper about it for the objectivist assignment, and partly because I’m writing about my findings in this journal, so I think I would get more out of a more creative project such as creating a graphic organizer to present the findings of my research. If I were giving this assignment to students, it would be experimental, clearly, and I would want students to choose a graphic organizer that best fit the information they wanted to share.Assignment instructions:
Create a graphic organizer to visually represent your research findings, and satisfying the following three objectives:

  • Describe characteristics of students who respond well to constructivist ISD
  • List a few specific strategies that instructors use to assist students who struggle in a constructivist framework
  • Describe learning environments conducive to constructivist ISD
The graphic organizer should employ notes on a separate page to defend your findings.The graphic organizer should also include a list of references in APA style on a separate page.

How I am feeling right now
I’m feeling like I do when I am working on a thesis. Note that I have never completed a thesis. Though I have finished a book. In other words, I’m feeling like I could spend a lot of time digging into this research but worry that I might not come to conclusions in time to write the paper which is the real culmination of the assignment. Though my scope is sufficiently narrow; I feel that I have learned that much from experience.
Objectivism encroaches! However I realize that theses and dissertations are constructivist in the sense that the student is their own engine for learning. It makes more sense to me that these research and writing projects become an impediment for many people to graduate.

A couple books have arrived from the library about constructivism but both are fairly old (90s) and laying out the rationale for constructivism in ISD. I am not sure that I’ll learn about who is successful.

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